SSN-680.org is dead.

Well, the website is still up, and if you type www.ssn-680.org, you’ll still get to the familiar blue and orange Bates site. It’s still usable to a degree, and you can still register and log in. Maybe dead-locked is a better word.

Time marches on. We have reached the point I can’t continue to modify and improve the website because of the database that drives the site. I found out last week when I wasn’t able to incorporate tracking of RSVP ’s to the August get-together in Orlando. The data structure behind the web site literally reached its limit, and without a major overhaul we can’t do much with it. That’s all on me, based on decisions made over eight years ago during the sun-680.org website’s first overhaul.

Of course, as I reported in my most recent post back in September of last year, this didn’t catch us by surprise. We’ve known that the site has been hurtling toward the end of the line for almost two years now. You might imagine that I had not been sitting idly by.

Two years ago, we started building the definitive Cold War submarine website, which now looks like the Bates website on 394 doses of steroids (and an improved database structure!). Some of you have taken the opportunity to browse the site during its construction as detailed in last September’s post. While it is nowhere near finished, it, and more specifically, the Bates portion, are far enough along that I think we can open it up, and most importantly, start using the USS William H. Bates as our official website.

So this is the end, my friends, for this old ssn-680.org website. She, like the SSN 680 herself, has served us well, and exceeded every expectation in the performance of her missions. Now it is time to say goodbye.

What you know as the ssn-680.org website will be archived and inactivated, but remaining reachable through a legacy website link on coldwarboats.org, at least for some period of time. You’ll still be able to see it, but won’t be able to make any entries, comments, or modifications. It doesn’t really matter, because everything on this old site has been moved into coldwarboats.org, including every comment, every photograph, every sea story, and it now includes a spiffy new reunion management tool that will let you RSVP and register, all in the same place!

It will be available here for a few more days, then the URLs of www.ssn-680.org and www.ssn680.org will be re-vectored to send you to the Bates pages of the coldwarboats.org site.

So say goodbye to a grand old era, and say hello to an exciting new future at coldwarboats.org.

SSN-680.org is dead, long live SSN-680.org!

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