In the true spirit of the Amoeba Races, we are once again off to the races! The Amoeba Races!

Now that most states are opening up for travel, we are moving ahead with the Amoeba Races 2021, also known as this year's USS William H. Bates (SSN 680) reunion.

We are coordinating our reunion with the USSVI annual convention in Orlando, Florida. This allows us to take advantage of their hotel rates as well as their scheduled activities. Plans are still being developed but here is what we have now:

  • The USSVI convention runs from 30 AUG 2021 to 04 SEP 2021 and is being held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort hotel in Orlando, FL.
  • Info for the convention and room rates can be found here: USSVI 2021 National Convention
  • We will have a place for the Billy B. crew to meet on the evening of 30 AUG for a get-together. Location/size is to be determined. Cost is also determined as it will depend on the number of Billy B. attendees.
  • Those of you who were on more than one boat can take the time to meet up with your other shipmates. There are thirteen other boats having their own reunions during this convention. The list of boat reunions can be found on the Cold War Boats website, and also the USSVI Convention website.
  • USSVI has activities planned for the remainder of the week. A schedule of USSVI and Bates activities can be found here.
  • Come for the Billy B. get-together and stay as long as you wish!

You do NOT have to be a member of USSVI to attend this reunion or convention. You do, however, need to send in the USSVI registration form and return it to USSVI with your registration fee ($25/person) plus the fees for whatever activities you will be attending. If you are staying in the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort hotel, you will need to make your reservation. Registration info for these items are on the USSVI 2021 Convention website.

The one thing you must do, is let us know if your attendance plans. You can easily RSVP (and see who else is planning on attending on the Cold War Boats SSN-680 website using this link: FAST ATTACKS >> STURGEON CLASS (Stretch-Hulls) >> USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680) >> THE REUNIONS >> AMOEBA RACES 2021 >> RSVP.

Finally, each of your invited, and we hope you all will come.

There are many sea stories to be relived and our camaraderie refocused.

Our boat has long gone to the scrap pile but the memories live on in moments like these!

There is a hint of reunion in the air. A good idea, long overdue, is coming together. Enough of you have expressed interest to motivate a few of you to push this forward.

We really haven't established anything more than the possibility at this point, but it's looking like Labor Day weekend of this year in Orlando, FL, with the USSVI Annual Convention might be a real possibility.

Check here for conversation as this evolves. Look for updates through the P.O.D., Facebook groups, and the occasional Familygram.

We'll keep you posted!

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