Another step forward in the evolution of the Cold War Boats website!

Reunions are one of the many ways that shipmates from years ago can reconnect, and no one can deny the pleasure of sitting around the campfire (or air-conditioned hospitality suite) and swapping stories with shipmates from back in the day.  So it is and always will be, that helping make reunions happen directly supports the Cold War Boats core mission triad:

  • Assisting shipmates from years ago in reconnecting, simply, easily, and without compromising their privacy,
  • Preserving the unclassified history of Cold War submarine crews and their boats in the form of photographs, stories, artifacts, and audio or video recordings, and
  • Honoring the sailors and families who sacrificed so much to help bring an end to the Cold War.

Finally, we can say that we have completed the first part of incorporating command reunions into the Cold War Boats Website.

First, every Cold War Boat related reunion will find a place to be listed here at HOMEPORT >> RECREATION >> REUNIONS. Currently, there are fifteen reunions listed, mostly organized around the USSVI Convention in Orlando, FL the week of 30 AUG 21. Click on the link to explore the reunion listings!

reunion payment fleet 04Of course, listing reunions is easy, but we go even further by listing all the scheduled events associated with each reunion at HOMEPORT >> RECREATION >> REUNIONS >> REUNION-SPECIFIC EVENTS.

Finally, when authorized by your Reunion Manager, we make it easy for you to pay your reunion registration and additionally, sponsor your reunion through donations above and beyond your registration fees.  Your Reunion Manager then can easily keep track of who has paid, remind those you have not, and collect payments and donations for each particular reunion. 

If you need to pay your reunion's registration fee or wish to sponsor a specific reunion, provided Cold War Boats has been authorized by your Reunion Manager, you can do so at HOMEPORT >> RECREATION >> REUNIONS >> REUNION PAYMENT. All Reunion pages are easily accessible from the main HOMEPORT menu, and can even be accessed and utilized without logging into the CWB website. Shortly, we will carry a good thing even further, and add those same pages will be available on your specific boat's or command's pages as well, completely eliminating any reason you might have had for not getting around to committing to your next reunion!

reunion payment fleet 06So, if you need to pay for your reunion, you know where to do it. You should have already heard from your command's Reunion Manager letting you know a payment portal is available for you on Cold War Boats. If you are a Reunion Manager for your boat or command, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will incorporate your reunion plans into your specific boat's sub-site (see what I did there?) and make Cold War Boats your go-to location for reunion planning, scheduling, promoting, and registration. 

There will be more to come, so keep an eye on the Cold War Boats Fleet P.O.D. for the latest news and hot skinny!




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